【Art News】Anchoret, Sutra, Alchemy and Lions: Chinese Ceramics from the 3rd to 9th Century

      M WOODS is an independent, not-for-profit art museum founded in 2014 by collectors Lin Han and Wanwan Lei. Across two museum sites, M WOODS 798, housed in a former munitions factory in Beijing’s 798 Art District, and the newly inaugurated M WOODS Hutong, inside the M WOODS Art Community, located in the city’s historic Dongcheng district, present a year-round programme of exhibitions, performances, music, education, live events and talks that situate contemporary art at the heart of the city and beyond.

      In 2015, M WOODS received its official not-for-profit status in China as an acknowledgement of its cultural services to the public. The museum’s emphasis is on presenting new and historical work by Chinese and international artists, often those who have rarely or never had a solo exhibition in a Beijing institution. M WOODS has presented the first institutional solo exhibitions in Beijing by artists such as Yinka Shonibare CBE,  David Hockney, Lu Yang, Richard Tuttle, Nicolas Party, Liang Shaoji, Cristof Yvoré and Paul McCarthy, amongst others, and collaborates with international museums such as Tate Modern, London, to present unique experiences and exhibitions for a local audience.

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